Group Travel

Planning a trip, destination wedding, celebration, or business incentive and meetings for a large group can be challenging. Some resorts cannot accommodate large groups and finding suitable venues and transportation for the entire group, can be daunting. At Crown Travel & Events, we can help you with your group vacations, whether international, domestic, or on a cruise line.

  • Large-group discounts: We have access to discounts based on established relationships with cruises and resort companies to secure the best price for your group bookings.
  • Transportation: We get your large group to and from the airport to the resort or cruise port. We have access to vendors  who can fit your group in one bus or multiple vans.
  • Itinerary details for your group: In addition to resort, cruise arrangements and transportation, Crown Travel & Events will assist you with pre and post cruise arrangements, group excursions, and visiting tourist attractions. We assist in arranging all the fine points of your group's trip in addition to handling the larger details.